2CV appoints two new Managing Directors in the UK and North America

2CV are delighted to announce the promotions of Sabine Cronick as Managing Director, UK (previously Head of Quant) and Jennifer Axen as Managing Director, North America (previously Head of Qual). Sabine and Jennifer's appointments fit with meeting the increasing global demand for 2CV's  digitally led  full-service  offer. 


2CV appoints two new Managing Directors in the UK and North America

During her time at 2CV, Sabine has been a pivotal member of the team, introducing new analytics tools and approaches and importantly adding greater value and impact to client's businesses.  She has also established companywide mentoring schemes, as well as being an active mentor in WiRe (Women in research).

Sabine commented, "I'm excited to take over the reins of 2CV's London office - I'm keen to uphold my predecessors' values of collaboration, compassion and courage whilst also putting my own stamp & twist on things".

Since joining 2CV from her own business in 2014, Jennifer has helped transform client relationships as well as introduce new approaches, raising the bar in qualitative standards across the business.

Jennifer remarked, "I joined 2CV because it's a company that's made up of brilliant, modest, creative and hard-working people that have each other's backs.  I am so proud of the work we do for our clients and feel honored to be a part of such a stand-out organization".

2CV's Global COO, Tim Blandford commented, "2CV globally recognize the immense contributions that Sabine and Jen have made to our combined success.  They are not only stand out leaders but brilliant research practitioners, as well as thoroughly charming people, we're proud to have them leading our respective businesses".

About 2CV

Instinctive disruptors, we've been pushing the boundaries of traditional research methods and challenging client briefs since 1989.  We've successfully navigated the increasingly complex world with our clients and now have global offices in the UK, USA, and Asia.

Never accepting the obvious or mainstream, we unite unique perspectives, research and commercial expertise.  We explore current, leading edge and future perspectives, readying clients for future disruptions; from new tech launches to emerging trends hitting the masses.  We use a multi-dimensional lens to unlock the deep human understanding with creative insights that drive behaviour change and commercial success to solve client challenges.

For further information contact: Tim Blandford, Global COO: tim@2cv.com