2CV Seminar - 20/11/18: What does Gen Z really meme?

A closer look at the media and entertainment needs and behaviours of Gen Z.

2CV Invites: What does Gen Z really meme?

Everyone's talking about Gen Z, but here at 2CV we've been talking with them instead.

This year we've been showcasing our work on "How to win Gen Z", but now we've taken this a step further, stripping away the Snapchat filters to dig deeper into who they really are and what they really want from media and entertainment.

Join us on 20th Nov '18 in London for a marketing bubble bursting look at what separates Gen Z from their predecessors as well as what unites them

SPOILER ALERT: Facebook isn't dead and neither are DVDs!

Places are limited, to register for a ticket please contact  Jessie.Granger@2cv.com.