2CV Invites Seminar - Bringing the magic to the mainstream: breaking down adoption barriers for new technologies

Like Alice going through the looking glass or the Pevensies going to Narnia, we too can slip into new exciting worlds - whether that's with a virtual reality headset, augmented reality on our phones, or simply by using our voices to tell technology what to do. There is a sense of wonder and amazement from the British public at the technology now at their disposal.  The time is ripe for us to explore how people feel about today's technology that is creeping into our homes.

2CV Invites: Bringing the magic to the mainstream

Our Tech & Entertainment Practice have been busy immersing themselves in that Tech world, to understand what technology is filling our homes, what drives people to get it, and how brands and companies are going to need to respond to take these "leading edge" technologies to the mainstream.

Join us for a thought provoking breakfast seminar in London on Tue 30th January 2018 where we'll be sharing the results of our recent study. To register for a seat please contact Jessie.Granger@2cv.com.