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2CV Presenting at the 2018 MRS Kids & Youth Conference

In partnership with The Wellcome Trust along with one of the inspiring youth workers that we spoke to in this study, we will present the qualitative findings of a UK-wide exploration of the youth sector landscape and opportunities for using STEM to engage and support vulnerable young people. 

2CV Presenting at the 2018 MRS Kids & Youth Conference

Whilst on the surface, the term 'STEM' feels academic and worlds apart from the lives of vulnerable young people, dig a bit deeper and it's clear that be it 'the rocket in a coke bottle' or taking motor-bikes apart and reassembling, science can be a successful engagement and learning tool. 

Using a research methodology that mirrored the practices and informal set ups of youth workers themselves, we were able to resolve some of challenges (communication, practical, financial) of engagement with STEM on the ground and identify where the potential for STEM is.

We'll have a cross-disciplinary presentation team, and instead of using a traditional presentation style we will put in practice our learnings by creating an informal and interactive learning session that will leave delegates STEM-ulated!

This will be held on 25th January 2018, to register your interest/book tickets please visit the MRS website.