Grads wanted for paid internship in award winning London research agency

"Market Research….do you stand on the street with a clipboard?"


Errr…..no. But we do work with the best brands, charities and organisations out there to help improve their products and services. From beauty to gaming, sports to booze, technology to international development we have an awesome array of clients with interesting ideas for us to evaluate or problems for us to solve. 

Grads wanted for paid internship in award winning London research agency

We are on the hunt for 2 bright sparky interns to join 2CV in the fast paced world of research full time from mid-October until Christmas. You do not need previous experience in research, just a curious mind, a positive attitude and an interest in people and what makes them tick…..we can teach you the rest.

Our exciting internship programme is setup to ensure the best entry into the industry for recent grads and covers:

Rotation in Quant:

  • Understanding of Quant field/ops
  • First-hand experience in various research designs/techniques
  • Discovering the end-to-end process of a project
  • Assisting with analysis and storytelling
  • Attending a debrief/s

Rotation in Qual:

  • Understanding of Qual field/recruitment
  • Potential to view/taking part in depth interviews and focus groups
  • Assisting with online communities
  • Analysis/brainstorming sessions
  • Attending a debrief/s

"I really loved the internship at 2CV. I didn't feel like "the intern": instead, I was trusted to do the same work as everyone else if I was capable of doing it! The team are lovely to work with - everyone's clearly very good at their job and puts the work in, but there's also plenty of warmth and I felt very welcome." Andrew Cummings, 2017 Spring intern.

To be considered for a place on our London internship programme please send your CV and a covering letter (including why you think market research is the career for you) to Jessie.Granger@2cv.com by  20th September 2017

Please note that the best 6 candidates will be given the opportunity to attend a 4 hour 'selection morning' on 27th September 2017 (between 9.30am-1pm)  where you will be given some group and individual tasks so we can get a better feel for who you are, your style of work and how you engage within a group/team exercise.  The tasks are not a test, there is no pass/fail system… they are used as gauge to measure your strengths and potential. We try to keep this session as informal and friendly as possible, you'll get a yummy free breakfast and a roundup of what we do/the team before we get stuck in. It's not designed to be a scary or competitive day (this isn't the apprentice!), we want you to enjoy yourselves and get something positive out of it. After the session the team will meet and select 2 interns to join us for the run up to Christmas, starting mid-October (you'll be notified of the outcome by Friday 29th September).

We look forward to hearing from you!

2CV Internship team


Additional information:

  • Please note that this is a full time internship Mon-Fri and is therefore not suitable for those currently still studying.
  • To apply you must be available to attend our selection morning on 27th September and start working at 2CV London from mid-October.
  • Deadline for applications is 20th September and all applicants will be informed of the outcome for the seleciton morning on 22nd September.
  • There is potential for one or both of the internships to be extended past Christmas or turned into permanent positions. However, this would be dependent on a) sufficient work within the business and b) the overall performance of the intern.
  • All applicants will need to confirm they have one of the following when sending their CV and covering letter to us: UK/EEA passport, indefinite leave to remain (ILR), permanent residency or a valid visa for working in the UK.