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4 reasons to intern at 2CV, according to two alums

As the newest set of graduates from 2CV's internship programme, we were a bit stuck about how to put our experiences to paper. We'd both read the  'day in the life of a 2CV intern' before applying and it captures a typical day very well. So for something different, we thought we'd take some inspiration from BuzzFeed and put together a listicle of our reasons why this internship is for you. Intrigued? Read on…

4 Reasons to Intern at 2CV

1. You're not scared to put yourself forward

It's a genuine priority for the 2CV team that you enjoy the internship and get as much out of it as possible - so if, for example, you overhear a conversation about a project or a task that really piques your interest, you can inquire about it and they'll do their best to get you involved. It's important to remember what you want to get out of the internship so be alert to intriguing opportunities that come your way and, above all, ask to get involved!

2. You want to broaden your horizons

On our internship we went through a crash course in all things quantitative and qualitative, and learnt exactly what it involves to make a research project happen.  From conducting in-home interviews about healthy lifestyles, analysing and creating stories about quant data, and asking passers-by to talk about mobile gaming, 2CV make it their mission to expose you to a variety of projects. We were taken in directions we didn't expect to go in - and loved it. If you're open minded and curious about a wide range of subjects then this is the internship for you.

3. You're not expected to become an expert overnight

Everyone understands that (a) you're an intern and (b) you'll make mistakes however experienced you are - and you need to understand this too. If you don't quite get something, then don't be afraid to ask for someone's help. And when you do make a mistake, don't be too hard on yourself: nobody's judging you, and chances are, someone else has made that mistake themselves too.  

4. You don't have to sign your life away

If you are imagining being an intern who is over-worked and under-valued then stop. As a member of staff at 2CV you are appreciated for your work and there is a very healthy balance between work and the rest of your life: you're actively discouraged from staying until 5.30pm just for the sake of it. That said, there's plenty to make you feel very welcome and comfortable in the office. There's a kitchen stocked with snacks, as well as an assortment of teas (and a coffee machine complete with milk-frother!). There are snug sofas and a games console with a VR headset, and when the weather's nice, you can eat lunch in the Phoenix Garden (one of London's best-kept secrets - right in front of the office). And for extra opportunities to socialise, there are regular football matches and the Christmas/Summer parties - to name a few.

Now you know exactly why you should do the internship at 2CV, what are you waiting for!? Get your CV and covering letter over to the selection committee by EOP 20th September - full details here.


Andrew Cummings & Alice Tillett

Junior Research Execs

2CV London