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A Day in the Life of a 2CV Intern

Before starting at 2CV, I did not know what to expect. At best, I hoped I might gain an insight into how both qualitative and quantitative research works, and at worst I might be twiddling my thumbs and occasionally making coffee for people. Thankfully, my expectations were surpassed so I would like to share what an average day during my 6 weeks internship looked like.  

A Day in the Life of a 2CV Intern

After I have sat, stood, flexed and stretched my way through the tailored yoga routine held by 2CV in the park opposite the office, I'm feeling zen enough to have breakfast. Here, I face the daily choice between fresh fruit, cereal, yoghurts and even crumpets, all of which can be paired with the never-ending supply of Nutella and bright breakfast chat.  

Following the habitual checking of emails, it's time to open Excel (no day in quant would be complete without this). Initially the sheet looks like a bird's nest of colours and numbers however, after some explanation, I begin checking the data against the PowerPoint deck. The best way I can describe this task is like spot the difference between Fred and George Weasley; for a Harry Potter fanatic this is quick and easy but for someone that never reads beyond the first page of book one, it's pretty overwhelming. Fortunately, 2CV has many data fanatics to lend a helping hand.

As there are only so many numbers you can look at in one day I drift into thinking about shoes and why I chose to wear my trainers today. Unbelievably this is actually work; I am one of three interns here and together we are conducting our own independent research project. We have decided to look at people's attitudes towards shoes in the workplace, so now we're having a meeting, whilst nibbling on pick and mix, to decide what research methods we are going to use. There is complete autonomy here to put our newly learnt knowledge into practice; we just have to decide how many of our new colleagues we can bribe into letting us film them whilst talking about their shoes.

After lunch, a colleague and I hop onto the Tube and head to Dagenham to ask people about their perceptions of different public transport messages. To be given the opportunity to take a snapshot of these people's lives and opinions, on topics ranging from transport to food is fascinating. In my resulting state of both exhaustion and exhilaration, we return to the office and chart up this work, noting down quotes and brainstorming the trends we found.  The creative process in reaching the final research headlines was really interesting and engaging.  After this process, the exhaustion is winning over the exhilaration and no amount of yoga can bring back the energy; it's time to go home and process everything I have squeezed into the day.

Truthfully, this work would probably be spread over more than a single day, otherwise I don't think I would have made it past week one! That said, one day at 2CV really can move from looking at healthy living incentives, to beauty product purchasing behaviours, to perceptions of public transport. I hope this blog has provided an insight into the vibrant world of being an intern here; a role I really would recommend to anyone, as being a part of their welcoming, kind and helpful team can only bring good things.


Sophie Hopson

Junior Research Exec

2CV London



*Sophie took part in our 2016 summer internship programme and now works in our quantitative department as Junior Research Exec. For info on our Spring 2017 Internship opportunities please click  here.