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2CV Invites Seminar: 26th May 2016 -The Future of Happiness

How happy are today's young people?  What makes them happy?  What does the mental state of millennials mean for the UK as they teeter on the brink of adulthood? 

2CV Invites Seminar: 26th May 2016 -The Future of Happiness

2016 has seen numerous headlines claiming young people today are the unhappiest they've ever been, with social media and technology often cast as the villain.  2CV's Social Practice wanted to look at the truth behind the headlines, building on the latest thinking in happiness research and drawing on some of our newest, most innovative qual and quant methodologies.

In this seminar we will identify the critical components of happiness among millennials, and what the key levers are for supporting young people to be happy now and in the future.  We will also look at what these 'building blocks of happiness' mean for brands and campaigns, and how some are already working with them to great effect. 


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