2CV beat off competition to retain TfL roster for the 4th time in 10 years

2CV have secured the prestigious TfL 'General Ad Hoc Qualitative Research (with Quantitative)' contract for the next 3 years.  This is our fourth successive win since 2005.  Vincent Nolan, Chairman and Founder of 2CV comments ' this is a wonderful opportunity to further develop our partnership with the worlds most respected and innovative transport network.'

2CV beat off competition to retain TfL roster for the 4th time in 10 years

Building from a modest but significant project to relaunch the Oyster Card back in 2005, 2CV's offer has kept pace with TfL's desire for excellence and innovation.  Together we have pioneered applied behavioural science and built a strategic partnership, recognised to have helped deliver a positive reputation with both customers and stakeholders.   

Alison Henderson, Head of Customer Research & Employee Insight Team at Transport for London said "The relationship between 2CV and TfL is a model for agency-client collaboration in an age when customer insight is more than ever a key resource.  2CV's insights help TfL to be more customer-driven, and this in turn drives 2CV to be constantly finding new and better ways of creating and using insights."

The account, headed up by 2CV's renowned Social Practice, and driven by the direction of Kat Jennings, Group Research Director has set the bar high, using innovative methodologies and theoretical frameworks to gain a deeper understanding of people's decision making process. Growing the account from communication development to key strategic partner in customer insight strategy, the recent reappointment of this contract signifies an enduring relationship built on mutual respect, shared values and trust, all of which have contributed towards an award winning partnership of 10 years.   

Kate Owen, Group Research Director at 2CV, said this of the successful partnership "We have helped TfL understand all aspects of the customer experience, supporting them in their vision to be a more customer centric organisation.  We've done this through a blend of traditional and innovative methodologies that allows us to get closer to customer motivations and behaviours".