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3 reasons why we love Digital Entertainment

From consumers to creatives, the world is falling in love with gaming. We are too...

3 reasons why we love Digital Entertainment

1) "You're inundated with awesomeness everyday"  

At the edge of tech evolution, the digital entertainment business always develops the most engaging consumer experiences.  This constant innovation means there's always the freshest, most awesome and most inspiring product to play with

2) "We just want to make the coolest game… something everyone will love" 

People are passionate about their games - there's always some debate and banter to be had. What do they love? What do they find frustrating? What should the dev team do next?  And we get to work with proper visionaries and creatives who in turn are truly passionate about what they do and how to delight gamers. Passion which makes our jobs really fun (and easier).

3) "There isn't a moment in the day when I don't have access to entertainment"

Finally, an industry which just grows and grows as it reaches into every moment of people's lives, means digital entertainment is the perfect place to be for an ambitious company like ours.  There are always new things to think about, new opportunities to discover and new audiences to understand.