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2CV Invites Seminar 29/10/15 - The Authenticity Challenge

For years, the levels of trust people feel in government, institutions, the media and brands have been declining. Authenticity is now leveraged strategically, tactically and stylistically by brand owners and their marketing agencies in an attempt to make products and services less corporate, more honest, and more real.

2CV Invites: The Authenticity Challenge
LifestyleChris Bates

The Authenticity Challenge

For a few years now, authenticity has been a word and subject that has regularly featured on research briefs, in brand strategy documents, and been debated by consumers.


Ask a roomful of clients or consumers what authenticity means, and the diverse range of answers you typically get indicates it has become a rather confusing idea. It's important but now complex, and that complexity is often caused by the marketing industry and brand speak. 

The Authenticity Challenge