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LifeHannah Beech

Work it Baby - 10 Key Trends Effecting What Consumers Want in Health and Fitness

What do people want from their work out in 2017? Check out our new Fitness Trends animation to find out, made by our creative services department, in collaboration with 2CV's Health and Wellness team. 

LifeJo Upton

Exploring Behaviour Change One Story at a Time

At 2CV, we spend a lot of time talking and thinking about behaviour change.  We know that very few of the most persuasive influences are rational.  Instead it's the smaller nudges, the more emotional tugs that push people along the behaviour change journey.  These journeys can be powerfully told and shared in film.  Click below to see a short video that tells the story of Jack and his bid to cycle to work.


Horsemeat scandal not in last furlong

How much has the scandal damaged consumer trust in supermarkets? Is the relationship salvageable? What is the long term impact on consumer choice? 

Horsemeat scandal not in last furlong

Reaction to London Olympic Opening Ceremony Details

On June 12th 2012 details of the Opening Ceremony were announced. Film director Danny Boyle unveiled a model of the opening set. This generated a burst in Social Media conversation around the Olympics. This video contrasts the immediate reactions on Twitter with the more considered opinions of Londoners a week or so after the news was announced.


The Olympic Legacy for Stratford?

We went to Stratford to speak to local people about the changes they are experiencing as well as their hopes and expectations of what will be left for them after the sporting festivities are over.


Ella's Story

In 2011, we created a series of short films for Centrepoint to help raise money for their Christmas appeal. These are based on true stories but the names have been changed and we have used models and voice overs to maintain anonymity of the young people affected. This is Ella's story