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LifestyleRuth Noble

Love Island: a new breed of professional training?

As I mourn the end of Love Island, the hottest show of the summer, I'm left wondering what I will do with all my new found spare time. However, far from being purely an exercise in mindless trash TV escapism, there are a few lessons us researchers could learn from the islanders….hear me out.

Love Island: a new breed of professional training?
LifeHannah Beech

Work it Baby - 10 Key Trends Effecting What Consumers Want in Health and Fitness

What do people want from their work out in 2017? Check out our new Fitness Trends animation to find out, made by our creative services department, in collaboration with 2CV's Health and Wellness team. 

Lifestyle2CV POV

How to Inspire a Youthquake: Learnings from the UK 2017 General Election

In the five weeks leading up to UK's 2017 general election, 2CV asked 64 16-24 year-olds about the information they had received about the general election. Through on-street interviews, digital ethnographies and an online survey, we explored young people's experiences of the election and which messages resonated with them the most. This is what we've learnt…

How to Inspire a Youthquake
Behavioural ScienceJane Goldthorpe

‘The mind is flat’ - learnings from Warwick University’s online course

Do our minds have hidden depths? Or do we make things up as we go along? What really influences behaviour?  At 2CV we're always exploring questions like this. Some members of 2CV have recently completed an online course taught by the controversial Nick Chater, Professor at Warwick Business School - he argues that the mental depths that many of us think shape our behaviour are an illusion; in reality, 'the mind is flat'.

The Mind is Flat
Behavioural ScienceCat Rebak

Should we really be focusing on user experience? The case for UM over UX design

The term 'user experience' has become a buzzword in recent years. Companies have realised that the critical moments when their users interact with their products and services are key to success. And they're right thinking that experiences are important. But behavioural science suggests that it's memory - not experience - that really counts.

Should we really be focusing on user experience?
Behavioural ScienceCat Rebak

The art of pre-suasion: why controlling the moment before your message matters

When it comes to persuasion - whether you're trying to write a killer pitch, or improve the copy of your ad campaign - we all know that what you say is important. However, according to Robert Cialdini, one of the world's leading expert on the psychology of influence, if you haven't paid attention the background context in which the message is received, you're doing yourself a disservice. 

The Art of Pre-suasion
DigitalLani Jacobs

Highlights from the Mobile World Congress 2017

At 2CV we like to keep abreast of the latest trends in sectors that excite us, attending key conferences throughout the year.  This February we were lucky enough to attend the Mobile World Congress (MWC) - an essential for anyone interested in mobile and technology. MWC is a huge conference in Barcelona run by our clients, the GSMA and the programme was packed full of interesting people, ideas and innovations. We left thoroughly inspired and can't wait to go again next year! In the meantime, here is a quick summary of our top tech trends/highlights from the conference. 

Highlights from the Mobile World Congress 2017
Emerging MarketsAmy Jones

2CV Presents TEGA at the AURA ‘Best of the Best’ Conference

In January my colleague Claire Evans and I (Amy Jones) presented at the 'Best of the Best' Aura conferences, heading up to Manchester on the 26th, and back down to London on the 31st. We had been invited, alongside 9 other award winners, to present our research for TEGA (Technology Enabled Girl Ambassadors), a product by Girl Effect, which gained the title of the Market Research Societies' Best Innovation in 2016. 

2CV Presents TEGA at the AURA ‘Best of the Best’ Conference

Grads wanted for paid internship in award winning London research agency

"Market Research….do you stand on the street with a clipboard?"


Errr… But we do work with the best brands, charities and organisations out there to help improve their products and services. From beauty to gaming, sports to booze, technology to international development we have an awesome array of clients with interesting ideas for us to evaluate or problems for us to solve. 

Grads wanted for paid internship in award winning London research agency
2CVSophie Hopson

A Day in the Life of a 2CV Intern

Before starting at 2CV, I did not know what to expect. At best, I hoped I might gain an insight into how both qualitative and quantitative research works, and at worst I might be twiddling my thumbs and occasionally making coffee for people. Thankfully, my expectations were surpassed so I would like to share what an average day during my 6 weeks internship looked like.  

A Day in the Life of a 2CV Intern