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Data ScienceEllie Gould

Can consumers be loyalised through better transparency and analysis of their own data?

On 5th December, the volume of Google searches for 'Spotify' was 5 times that of the previous day. Why? They'd released their Spotify Wrapped analysis to their users, an annual review of all the tracks, artists and albums that had dominated each subscriber's year in audio. 


The data exchange: delivering data analysis back to the source
LifestyleChelle Watson

The on-going struggle of debt post-Christmas

The Christmas tree is packed away, we've eaten the last portion of turkey, and the Christmas cards have been swept off the mantlepiece. But while many of us move on to our Veganuary diets and new year resolutions, some of us are still dealing with Christmas. For those struggling with debt and trying to make ends meet, Christmas is more than one day a year, it's an ongoing struggle.

Christmas is over?
DigitalMartin Bradley

What are the key trends that will affect consumers in 2020?

As the sun sets on another year of CES, 2CV help you navigate the myriad of announcements, giving their view on what the major trends will be for 2020. Plus the Tech & Entertainment team have got together to give their list of 'what we're excited about for 2020'!

2CV review CES 2020
GamingZachary Kemp-Hall

Will this generation of games consoles be the last?

With the rise of streaming services and cross-platform play, Zach Kemp-Hall asks: Are we seeing the end of traditional home console gaming as we know it?

The potential end of console gaming
LifestyleJess Boize

Is “You Do You” really as simple as it sounds?

My Instagram feed, after a little curation, is now a pretty positive feed to scroll through. More than ever, I see confidence-inspiring messages from women of all shapes, life-stages and ethnicities. Considering Diet Coke's recent campaign, which features a pair of cheeky pensioners swiping right on a dating app under the tagline "You Do You", I would be tempted to say that we are finally getting closer to a place of unquestioning acceptance. Somewhere everyone has a shot at "being themselves", and that being OK.

you do you
Lifestyle2CV POV

Looking through the lens of mobile gaming to drive fashion brand engagement

For online fashion, mobile is arguably the new high street and our intern insight project set out to discover the next big opportunity for fashion within mobile gaming. Only trouble being, the first big insight we found got in the way: for many women, fashion is already seen as a 'game' in itself. So, hold your horses before you go and create the next Kim Kardashian game for your fashion brand and read on to find out what fashion CAN learn from gaming….

What can fashion apps learn from mobile gaming?
LifeLexi K

Bre-xistential crises in segmentation

Segment marketing has failed in the post Brexit landscape, so why should we bother with segmentations at all?

I'm a geek for electoral maths, so I've been spoilt rotten this last five years. But this time, it's a particularly juicy one. Traditional political segments aren't enough anymore and it's harder to call than ever. But I can't help wondering - if segments  are struggling to help solve the biggest questions of our time, what hope is there for us researchers?  


Bre-xistential crises in segmentation
LifeEllie Gould

Why this year’s Christmas ads hark back to a nostalgia for the past – and a missing sense of togetherness

Last week, 2CV London hosted a Christmas ad viewing party - we're a bit of a nerdy bunch, and there's nothing like extending your day job into your lunch hour and getting your teeth stuck into some big brand Christmas strategy. This year, I couldn't help but notice a common theme of nostalgia running through many of the Christmas adverts: tying them all together was a sense that things were better 'before' - whenever that means.

The secret of the nostalgic Christmas advert
Lifestyle2CV POV

Fast Beauty – how the beauty industry is changing, but is it for the better?

While most would be familiar with the phrase 'fast fashion', many may be unfamiliar with the rise of 'fast beauty'.

Beauty as a category has traditionally been much slower moving than the frantic, season by season mania of the fashion industry. Beauty innovations typically originate from the R&D team at top manufacturers and gradually trickle down to the mainstream via big launch campaigns. As a consumer, this means experimentation within beauty has generally been limited to the super engaged among us, with most experimentation not reaching the mass market until a lot later.


Fast Fashion Beauty – how the beauty industry is changing, but is it for the better?
GamingChris Oatey

Chris Oatey shines the spotlight on the wider benefits of gaming

Video gaming is no longer simply a form of entertainment, but part of a wider lifestyle embedded into the culture of 2.3 billion gamers worldwide. Gaming is undoubtedly a passion point bringing communities together, making teenagers millionaires and bringing joy to those that play.

Gaming – unfairly demonized by the media?