What We Do

Consumer behaviour keeps changing. The world is becoming more complicated, more challenging. But not for us.

2cv is an unconventional name for a consumer research agency that doesn't adhere to convention. We get right to the hearts and minds of consumers. We see meaning. We provide understanding. We enable clients to develop the most compelling propositions, campaigns and products.

We do not just rigidly apply our qualitative or quantitative research tools. We work hard to define the right questions. We have an inherent nosiness about the world around us. A love of people and their idiosyncrasies. As a leading consumer research agency, 2cv is a business built around asking people questions.

  • Established in 1989
  • Top 20 Research Agency
  • Global Qual and Quant
  • 100+ members of staff

2CV. About People. For Business


Probing Deeper

Why? Who? What? We never stop questioning. We never stop observing. Our broad suite of qualitative and quantitative research methods unlock powerful underlying emotive connections between people and brands to get to the heart of the issue.

Getting Closer

Data, data, data - how do you make sense of the overload? We use the most imaginative consumer research approaches and techniques, traditional and digital. We guarantee fully integrated thinking, from deep ethnographic immersion to advanced analytics.

Acting Smarter

But there must be an end result. We aim to inspire decision making by ensuring the right message for the right audience. We get to the point but also deliver creative, multimedia outputs to bring our clients even closer to the human stories behind the data.



With an established global presence in the US, Asia and Europe, no-one has come to understand people around the world better than us. 2CV is an MRS Company Partner. All MRS Company Partners and their employees agree to adhere to the MRS Code of Conduct and MRS Company Partner Quality Commitment whilst undertaking research.

Current clients

  • EA
  • TFL
  • Tesco
  • Amazon
  • Singtel
  • NFL
  • DAZN
  • Girl Effect
  • BBC
  • Camelot
  • HP
  • Invista