Research is about people, the way they behave, their hopes, fears and attitudes: their lives. Good research can go beyond words on a page; by bringing consumers to life with video and photography we can tell vivid stories which help clients keep consumers at the core of their organisations.

Visual storytelling runs as a theme through all of 2CV's work. We believe in the power of the clip and potential of a photo to help communicate what makes consumers tick.   We believe that photography and film are an intrinsic part of good research, they shouldn't be seen as separate from research, rather a key way of telling a story, a staple of delivering research.  All our researchers are trained in the basics of photography and video and we're used to capturing quality images and film without terrifying respondents.  It's become something of a badge of honour to get the best shot from a piece of fieldwork and were it not for respondent confidentiality we'd have an amazing exhibition at our fingertips.

All that said, we can go much further than clips and photos to support a PowerPoint.  Our in house media team can create life films detailing the context of a consumer's life and how  a product does or could live within that; segmentation videos providing portraits of contrasting consumer typologies; or mixed media montages to work in lieu of debrief presentations.   We realise that the possibilities of video, photography, sound and design are pretty much endless.  If you have a story which needs telling or a point to get across, talk to us and we can work out the best way of communicating it.



It’s Time for Genuine Representation

As many brands increasingly strive to be more inclusive, members of the LGBTQ+ community are arguably more visible in advertising than ever before. We set out to ask members of the community itself how they feel about their current representation, and to find out what brands can do to ensure they genuinely represent in their advertising.

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Jo Upton
Research Director