What is EXP?

EXP is a team of consumer researchers wholly dedicated to the evaluation of branded experiences, whatever the format - live, digital, business, retail - we evaluate them all.  As well as market research we offer consultancy and concept testing/development for experiential campaigns.  


What do we deliver?

Expertise in experiential and detailed research into the value of branded experiences giving you unparalleled understanding of the activity performance.  Our methodologies offer market research with a quick turnaround, empowering you to make timely changes and optimise your activity so it realises its full potential.

Outputs include:

·         Diagnosing the performance of the activity

·         Impacts on perceptions and actual behaviour

·         Statistical analysis

·         Contextual benchmarking using norms

·         Incremental revenue generation and ROI

·         Word of mouth and Buzz Metrics


What do we do?

Quantitative and qualitative (and often integrated) consumer research into the impacts of experiential activity.  We have dedicated strands that cover live, digital, business, retail and concept offering the most comprehensive evaluation of experiential activity available.  


Livon Yeow


2CV Invites Seminar: Are my experiential campaigns worth it?

2CV Invites Seminar: Are my experiential campaigns worth it?

In an increasingly noisy world, many brands are trying to deliver ever more personalised experiences.  However, many brands struggle to isolate the true impact of these experiences:  are they really delivering what you need?    

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Case study


What? Evaluation of MTV's ownership, development and production of the Isle of MTV Special, the climax of Malta Music Week

Why? MTV wanted to understand the impact of the event on key brand metrics, Malta as a location and the 'halo' effect on associated sponsors, as well as optimising the event for the future

How?  Interviews on-site pre-event followed by Pan-European online interviews amongst attendees compared with a matched control

Outputs: Research was carried out in '08,'09, '10, '11 which allowed year-on-year comparisons.  Results were shared with the Maltese Travel Association and sponsors and used to develop a case study for the MTV marketing department

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Jamie Belnikoff
Associate Director