Time to reset your preconceptions about businesses

Jul 21, 2022 |2 min read

The latest stats for UK businesses are out, and I think they’re really interesting. Did you know there are now nearly 6 million businesses operating in the UK? That’s a staggering number when you think about it. That’s almost 1 business for every 10 people.

And these are just the active ones with employees – there are a further 4 million businesses with no employees (i.e. registered at Companies House, but don’t actively trade).


Other interesting bits of analysis from this data:


Important lessons from the data

As a specialist B2B researcher, even I’m surprised at just how small the UK manufacturing sector has become, and by how few large businesses there are.

Despite the evidence, many companies continue to focus their efforts on large companies and set their B2B strategy around them. However, if your business is looking to grow and become successful, you need to turn your attention to the 5 million+ start ups and small businesses.

And that goes for most consumer brands, too. With more than 1 in 10 homes also operating businesses, the home-based business market is now bigger than ever. Is your consumer marketing set up to win among home businesses?