Consumer response to Covid-19 crisis – Part 4

Apr 2, 2020 |4 min read
covid-19 crisis impact uncertainty

Considering the dramatic changes to our lives responding to the covid-19 pandemic, we are asking people across the globe to share their stories in a series of selfie videos. Helping both us and our clients keep tabs on the rapid pace of change and consumer response.

Our fourth instalment on the Covid-19 crisis asks UK-based 2CV friends and family 'Never Have I Ever'…COVID-19 style

2CV - Since Covid-19 'Never have I Ever' - Part 4 from 2CV Research on Vimeo.

While not ideal, staying at home has made some positive small changes for people's day to day - giving people the opportunity to interact with others differently, discover new talents and explore and appreciate their local area in a new way.

One of the most obvious differences is that many workplaces have adapted to working from home and, for some, even the virtual introduction of new 'colleagues'. Housemates, family members and our pets are regulars in video meetings and offer a welcomed insight into our workmate's lives. For parents, adapting to their new roles as home-school teachers gives them the opportunity to spend time with their children in new ways. Communities are becoming connected for the first time, neighbours talking to each other more often to offer care and support in these unknown times.

The way we connect with others is also changing, with many taking to digital platforms for the first time to see and speak to loved ones. We are using technology in a range of new ways from speaking to our doctors virtually to going to the 'theatre' and 'visiting' tourist attractions, amongst other things. We are all undoubtably leveraging tech to enable our lives and find positivity in our days.

Beyond the virtual world, we are also finding a new admiration for our local areas. We now have both the time and necessity to explore where we live on our daily walks advised by the government. Discovering the space around us in this newly found quietness, allows us to appreciate the local environment and nature that exists right our doorsteps - something we didn't have the time or inclination to do before Covid-19.

This new normal has also given rise to us spending more time and energy on tasks previously seen as chores and adding some new activities to our routines. We are fully investing in more regular tasks such as gardening or baking, and for some this new found time in our day makes room for new activities to entertain ourselves - such as teaching our pets new tricks and learning a new instrument!

So, what have we found out playing 'Never Have I Ever' during COVID-19? When people have the time, space and energy to try things, they can, and do! People are finding different ways to connect, and reconnect, with both existing connections in their lives and adding new ones.  We are taking this time to experiment and be creative trying out new activities and taking more time to appreciate the things which may have been taken for granted before. Only time will tell if maximising on this feeling can create long-lasting changes in people's lives, but for now they are bringing joy and positivity into our lives at this uncertain time.