Consumer response to Covid-19 crisis – Part 3

Mar 19, 2020 |4 min read
covid-19 crisis impact uncertainty

In light of the dramatic changes to our lives responding to the covid-19 pandemic, we are asking people across the globe to share their stories in a series of selfie videos. Helping both us and our clients, keep tabs on the rapid pace of change and consumer response. 

Our third instalment on the Covid-19 crisis explores what our 'new normal' looks like household to household during this time.

While we are facing these extreme circumstances, having structure to the day creates a sense of normality for people. Getting up and ready for work like usual, putting on our make-up, or sticking to our skincare regime can keep our days feeling the same as usual. Creating new routines based on circumstances, means that we have a sense of control and ownership over our day.

Within this structure, we have found ways to appreciate the more 'everyday' tasks. What once may be seen as a chore, like cooking, cleaning or gardening, is now felt to be an exciting part of our day. A chance to get stuck into an activity and really invest our time and energy into it. This provides us with small wins that can make our day.

This 'new normal' has meant that some are going back to basics and providing people with the excuse to get away from screens after work and revert back to what we once loved and enjoyed. For some, moving back to the family home has provided the perfect opportunity to explore childhood games and puzzles, with a subsequent boost in sales of board games and jigsaws - seeing increases of  240% in the first week of isolation.

As well as exploring old ways to occupy our time, people are taking up new activities to get through the day. Running, cycling and using machines which were once forgotten are providing us with the means to try out new forms of exercise, and take advantage of this time to try something new and different from their normal.

So, while keeping a sense of normalcy is important to people during this time, we now have the power and ownership to control what this new normal looks like - whether that be going back to the old or trying out something new.