Consumer response to the Covid-19 crisis – Part 2

Mar 9, 2020 |4 min read
covid-19 crisis impact uncertainty

In light of the dramatic changes to our lives responding to the covid-19 pandemic, we are asking people across the globe to share their stories in a series of selfie videos. Helping both us and our clients keep tabs on the rapid pace of change and consumer response. 

Our second instalment on the Covid-19 crisis asks 2CV staff what their current concerns are around COVID-19 - and more importantly, what is providing support and relief at this time.

2CV - Response to COIVD-19, Video 2 from 2CV Research on Vimeo.

During this global pandemic, everyone is aware of the ever-growing and evolving concerns that we now face, not only as individuals but within our communities and as a society.

Our worries are underpinned by a general feeling of uncertainty around the unstable environment we are now living in; with people feeling anxious about not knowing how long this will last. As well as our individual situations, thinking about others at this time is a concern for most - friends, family and the vulnerable are top of mind and being able to do what is best for everyone is a huge responsibility. The future is also something which many feel unprepared for. Not knowing what our future national and global society will look like post-COVID-19 in unsettling, especially in relation to the impact on both our economy and well-being.

But it is also important to remember the ways in which we are trying to find relief and support during this time. While social distancing is taking place, we are now appreciating the smaller and simpler things in life - turning the tide on the consumerism mindset that has long raged on. Getting out old machine consoles, doing a spot of gardening, getting a bit of sunshine can lift people's mood, while taking advantage of books, TV & films, even food deliveries! - affords us a vital break from thinking about what is happening.

Also, despite being physically apart, the connections we are maintaining digitally are hugely important and highly valued to us at this time. Making sure we regularly catch up with friends and family and giving us the opportunity to talk to those we haven't in a while, has meant we are finding new ways and definitions of what a community is and how we can still be 'together' within the context of self-distancing and self-isolation.