Concept testing at CES 2022: discovering the next big thing with consumers

Feb 2, 2022 |3 min read
CES concept testing

CES is the largest tech expo in the world. It's where the biggest tech companies come together to show off the products that will change the way we live, work and play. Whilst Covid challenges impacted the number of in-person attendees, the event still managed to bring together - 2,200 exhibitors showcasing their latest innovations from electronic vehicles to personal computing, smart home to the metaverse.

There are already many CES 2022 review articles giving opinions on which products are ‘most innovative’, ‘best in class’ or ‘coolest’. But what do consumers think? And, more importantly, what will consumers actually buy?

At 2CV we’ve conducted concept testing research on hundreds of new products just like those announced this year at CES, and we’ve created a framework that consistently predicts a successful product launch:

Concept testing framework

This Meaningful Disruptive Credible (MDC) framework forms the core part of 2CV’s concept testing, and we’ve used this to predict which newly announced products have the best chance of being a hit with consumers. We selected 20 new products[i] and asked over 5,000 people across the US, UK and Singapore to evaluate these using our MDC framework. The top three products announced are:


Samsung Eco Remote

Samsung Eco Remote

Consumers responded most positively to the new Samsung’s Eco Remote. A TV remote that does away with batteries through the clever use of a solar panel. This simple idea was a hit achieving the highest purchase intent score of the twenty products tested. It was also our top performing product for being Meaningful with the easy to understand idea solving a real consumer need – removing remote batteries and saving money. Consumers also gave this remote the highest Credible score emphasizing Samsung’s right to play in this space as a consumer electronics leader.


ColdSnap by Sigma Phase


ColdSnap is a pod-based ice cream maker that left our respondents wanting more. On demand ice cream clearly satisfies a consumer need and as you would expect it had one of the highest Meaningful scores tested. ColdSnap was also a strong on both other measures of our framework.

The explosion of pod-based coffee makers in homes and offices the world over makes ColdSnap offering incredibly easy to understand, helping it get top marks on our Credible scale. While its Disrupter score was also impressive as consumers consistently praised ColdSnap for its convenience, comparing it to having to trek to shop whenever they wanted to get ice cream.


Invoxia’s Smart Dog Collar


This Smart Dog Collar won 2 CES Innovation Awards and consumers agree that this will be a hit when released. We all know about health tracking and GPS monitors for humans, but Invoxia’s invention gives us the same smart tech for man’s best friend. The collar keeps track of Rex’s health as well as his location. Whilst the collar was a relatively low scorer in regards newness (likely as most of this tech already exists), consumers place a high value on the peace of mind this would give them, helping Invoxia’s Smart Collar achieve top scores for both Meaningful & Disruptive.

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[i] The other CES products tested are:

1. Coldsnap
2. BMW iX Flow
3. Samsung Eco Remote
4. B+D Robot Bartender
5. Lenovo Thinkbook
6. Tablo ATSC
7. ASUS Zenbook
8. Kohler PerfectFill
9. Invoxia Smart Collar
10. Sony Bravia Cam
11. L'oreal Coloursonic
12. Eve Motionblinds
13. Razer Smart Home
14. Targus Disinfection Light
15. Wemo Smart doorbell
16. Labrador Retriever
17. HTC Vive
18. TCL NxtWear Air
19. NINU Smart Perfume
20. Patagonia Microplastic washing machine