Evolving drinking habits and the search for alcohol alternatives

Feb 16, 2024 |4 min read
Statistics showing growing interest and trial of NoLo alcohol

February always feels like a bit of a milestone. We've made it through the first month of the year; we've gained almost an hour in daylight, and the end of winter is creeping into sight. For those who participated in Dry January, February signifies the end of the challenge and many will have been enjoying their first couple of weekends of 2024 reunited with their favourite drink. Yet for an increasing number, February hasn't marked a big comeback to alcohol.

The 2023 Drinkaware Monitor survey, encompassing over 10,000 UK adults, reveals a notable shift in attitudes to alcohol, with 39% actively reducing alcohol consumption in 2023, up from 33% in 2019, choosing No and Low (NoLo) products. This data underscores a broader trend towards moderation and the sustained popularity of alcohol alternatives.

Reflecting on our own changing drinking habits, we’ve been thinking about how the beverage industry can not only meet the present demand for alcoholic alternatives, but also cultivate future growth…


1. Brands.  Social connection is often at the heart of drinking moments and occasions. How can brands continue to capture this need-state?


2.  Pubs.  The home of alcohol. How can pubs engage with this new spin on the category?


3. Supermarkets.  NoLo still remains a relatively emergent category. How can supermarkets play a role in navigation?


As drinking habits continue to evolve, embracing NoLo is essential for the drinks industry[i]. By expanding the range of options and elevating the social experience associated with NoLo, industry players can effectively navigate and thrive in this dynamic landscape. 2024 is set to be an exciting year for NoLo and we can’t wait to see what’s to come!

[i] Thirsty for more NoLo content? Head over to our other blog talking all things NoLo: https://www.2cv.com/insights/nolo-drinks-are-here-to-stay/