A lesson in brand equity from the biggest pop star on the planet

Jun 21, 2024 |4 min read
Taylor Swift

After an electrifying weekend we've all been counting down to, Taylor Swift returned to London with her live tour: The Eras Tour! And yes, it was EVERYTHING!

Taylor has been a major player in the pop scene for years, but now she's stratospheric. But despite topping the charts for weeks, she's faced criticism from the music industry. Some accuse her of releasing re-recordings just to stay on top and overshadowing other artists’ recent releases in the process (like Billie Eilish and Charlie XCX). She’s even taken other artists, like Olivia Rodrigo, to court for allegedly borrowing from her music.

But in the world of music, all is fair in love and poetry. And when it comes to branding, Taylor Swift reigns supreme.


Mastering Her Brand

Taylor Swift meticulously crafts her brand, turning every challenge into an opportunity to strengthen her distinctive assets.


Taylor Swift seems to have taken a page from the Ehrenberg-Bass playbook on sustained brand growth


Taylor Swift's approach to loyalty and advocacy provides valuable lessons


What Can We Learn?

In short, there's nothing more compelling than a great story, and Taylor Swift’s narrative is a masterclass in brand building.