Gaming Demystified

Gaming Demystified
Unlocking brand growth opportunities in video gaming

Published: September 2019
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Video gaming has risen from a niche, close-knit culture to a global phenomenon that is bigger than music and film.  Esports is the pinnacle of the industry; professional gamers compete for sizeable prize pools that rival (and often exceed) those offered by traditional sports.  While esports tends to generate the headlines both it and the wider world of gaming offer opportunities marketers cannot ignore.  The challenge is often understanding where to start and how to navigate this rapidly evolving ecosystem.  Gaming Demystified is the go-to bible for brands looking to explore the massive commercial opportunities along with the pitfalls to avoid and the critical rules of engagement of this exploding industry.  It will help you know Twitch from Douyu, Ninja from Cloud9 and open your eyes to the world of gaming and esports for marketers.

How We Did it

We joined forces with the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA) and Branded Ltd to access some of Asia's leading senior marketing professionals.  Through primary research (both qual and quant) we collected their thoughts and tips regarding investing in gaming to understand current knowledge levels, the opportunities as they see them, as well as any potential pitfalls.  This insight coupled with extensive secondary research provides readers with a must-have compendium to help marketers understand how to get involved in gaming, the options available and how to decide which mechanism is best for their brand.  

Who Contributed

In depth qual interviews with Australian Football League, AFK Creators, Air Asia, Fashion Manufacturer and Retailer (Anonymous), Dentsu, Diageo, Electronic Arts, Gillette, Intel, Intuit, Johnson Controls-Hitachi, Netflix, Singtel, Twitch, Wrigley Mars. 119 quant surveys with senior marketers from 23 industry sectors including Food & Beverage, Manufacturing, Finance, Banking and Retail.

What's Inside


  • A '101' guide to gaming and esports as an entertainment space
  • Dissection of industry numbers and which ones to pay attention to
  • Details of the opportunities available for brands to be involved
  • Example executions from a mix of category brands to inspire
  • Initial starter tips and best practices to investing

In Detail:


With your purchase of Gaming Demystified, you will receive a complimentary ½ hour consultation with 2CV.  Here we will walk you through the report, offer tips and provide examples that are tailored and relevant to your business.  And importantly, answer any questions you might have - making sure you get maximum benefit from the report.

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