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The Great Debate: Part 2

Sharp & Ritson have successfully publicised their ongoing feud, but the question is who is right?

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2CV Shortlisted for Two MRS Awards

2CV is a finalist for Public Policy/Social Research and Amy Jones for Young Researcher of the Year!

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2CV to Speak at the 2018 MRS Kids & Youth Conference

Engaging disadvantaged youths in STEM; A youth worker perspective.

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Hands-on Science

How coke bottle rockets and motor-bike maintenance are helping disadvantaged youths.

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The Over-65’s

Sex, Social Media and Start-ups.

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4 Reasons to Intern at 2CV

According to two of our most recent interns.

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Beyond Face Value: Why Faces Matter

A closer look at why we attribute so much value to faces.

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The Anthropology of Social Media

Social media around the world: Three key learnings from a recent course at UCL.

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Love Island

A new breed of professional training?

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Work it Baby

10 Key Trends Effecting What Consuey trends effecting what consumers Want in Health and Fitness.

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How to Inspire a Youthquake

Learnings from the UK 2017 General Election.

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Highlights from the Mobile World Congress 2017

A quick summary of our top tech trends/highlights from the MWC 2017.

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How Happy are Today’s Young People?

2CV's Social Practice share the findings from their bespoke research into youth and happiness.

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The Growing Pains of eSports

Jack Wilson sheds some light on this rapidly expanding and evolving scene.

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2CV Retain TfL Roster for the 4th Time in 10 years

2CV have secured the 'General Ad Hoc Qual Research (with Quant)' contract.