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Mad Men and the Case for Consumer Empathy

How brands can build a better lasting relationship with their audience.

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Getting Sweaty

The evolution of fitness brand marketing.

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Growing Up Digital

Online identity and the digital generation

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An Innovative Health Campaign for Generation Z

3 key learnings from our work with PHE and the development of the 'Rise Above' campaign.

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When did yoga pants become cool?

The rise of the Activewear trend.

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5 must-read books

Recommendations from the Behavioural Science team

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The Joy of Tech and Happiness

What brands need to do to build strong emotional bonds with their consumers

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Brand Success - Positive Psychology Perspective

The anatomy of happiness and how this is relevant for brands.

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Redefining Pleasure - a synopsis

Hedonism, Epicureanism, and the shift in what customers do, want and feel.

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2CV wins the double at the 2013 MRS awards

2CV wins 'New Consumer Insights' and 'President's Medal'