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The Network of Me

Dipesh Soneji looks into how tech affirms our individuality and connects us

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Hispanic or Latino: Is there a preference?

Carolina Jiménez discusses how people feel about the terms Hispanic and Latino

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Home is where the (tech) heart is

Josh Sparrow discusses some surprising findings from our recent Joy Of Tech study

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What we can learn about branding from DJs

James Redden discusses leveraging a brand's distinctive assets

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Redefining Pleasure - a synopsis

Chris Bates discusses Hedonism, Epicureanism, and the shift in what customers do, want and feel.

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Asking the Right Questions of Social Media in Asia

Marianne Oh discusses the rise of Pan-Asian Social Media

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Virtual reality just got real.

Dewey Hammond discusses the recent acquisition of Oculus Rift by Facebook and its effect on gamers

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We know a lot less than we feel

How our environment influences us more than we’d care to admit.

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2CV wins the double at the 2013 MRS awards

2CV wins 'New Consumer Insights' and 'President's Medal'